Writers in Co-Housing

Published May 8, 2017 by Rae Woodward

Introvert PRESS

Some people shudder at the thought of living with other writers; others think that’s the solution to a lot of problems. What do you think?

Me? I’m a writer, but of course that does not explain the entirety of my person. I’m a carpenter, a singer, a gardener, a minimalist…so many facets to who I am. I’m also struggling to make a living as a writer. I’ve made in-roads, but I’m not there yet. I’ve finished my first novel and am getting that to market. I’m trying my best to create a marketing network. I want to spend more time writing and less time ‘earning a living’.

Who would be interested in creating a non-profit entity focused on finding writers seeking to decrease their overhead, increase their writing potential and live with like-minded folks?

If you are, check out a new group The Writer’s Consortium to discuss the possibility of…

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Under construction…

Published January 8, 2017 by Rae Woodward

Thank you for coming. I and redoing the setup of my blog, more will be coming. thank you for your patiance.

Final day 22 The World Tree

Published October 30, 2016 by Rae Woodward


21- The World Tree

“The world tree represents the axis mundi or the center pole that links all the realms of being and knowledge and is now centered within the fool himself. with this card, the fool has ended his journey through the tarot, but now a new one begins.” The Sacred Circle tarot.

This is the final card of the journey of the Fool. With every ending, there is a new beginning. It is not two steps we take but one, the end and the beginning are one and the same.

Here is the biggest challenge for the journey, I want you to share with me what your next step it. What’s your new beginning? This can be a major life change or just a small adjustments to your perspective, I want to know. What did you think of this journey? Did you get what you came here for?

Thank you for everyone who has been a part of this journey. You are welcome to come back and use this journey any time you would like take your time if needed. I have found that this is a powerful tool and is very useful, I hope you have as well. -Rae-

Day 21 Rebirth

Published October 29, 2016 by Rae Woodward


20- Rebirth

“With this card, the fool had completed the outward spiral of his initiation; all his lessons have been absorbed. In many ways, this was the hardest part of his journey. His world view was totally altered, and his struggle to center himself in the new consciousness very difficult. Like many new initiates, he experienced confusion, alienation, and depression while the integration took place. His journey from the cauldron has taken several years. Now the unfolding of the initiation into the waking consciousness and everyday life had come to fruition and he acts from a new perspective.” The Sacred Circle tarot.

This card is all about a new point of view. We have spent a lot of time looking at different things in ourselves and our lives. You can not go through a journey and come out the other side, the same person. It is up to you who that new person is and what has changed.

Nearing the final day of the journey, meditate and write what perspectives have shifted for you? what do you see differently? Do you see yourself in a new light? Have a beautiful day. -Rae-


Day 20 The Sun

Published October 28, 2016 by Rae Woodward


19-The Sun

“The fool had completed his terrifying and perilous journey through the darkness of the Underworld, sustained only by the strength and determination of his spirit. like all things, his True Self gestated and grew in the dark and strove toward the light. Now the bright light of the sun dispels the shadows and the last of his fears and he is ready to emerge into the daylight world with his new knowledge and his new consciousness.” -The Sacred Circle tarot.

This card is about bringing light to a new day, light to a new you. this is a very optimistic card full if renewal and experience.  it marks a prosperous time where you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

For today I want you to write down all your dreams, everything that you want from yourself and from your life. You should have a clear idea of that or at least clearer idea. Dream without limits and without judgment. have a wonderful day. -Rae-

Day 19 The Moon

Published October 27, 2016 by Rae Woodward


18- The moon

“The fool is engaged in the outward spiral of his initiatory process and has been following the pale light of the star as his guide through the labyrinth. now he encounters the primordial power of the moon, which he calls, moisture from the earth as refreshing dew, which governs the tides of the oceans-which endlessly generates life and reabsorb it in death- and the cycles of woman’s wombs, readied each month to accept the fertilization of life.

On a magical level, the moon influences and represents the collective sea of the unconscious that contains and feeds all the experiences of humankind, communicated only by symbol and legend. The fool realizes that though his journey has been an individual one, it is reflected in the journey of all souls. His own experiences has contributed to the evolution of humanity as a tiny part of the whole. He has been re-enacting the eternal myth.” -The Sacred Circle tarot.

This card represents bringing ides from the subconscious to the now. this can be expressed in many ways the subconscious and collective consciousness one and the same have many things deep down inside, the moon will bring this to light. what is brought to light could be something that you need to let go of, a bad habit or a painful memory, it can also come in the form of inspiration.

Meditate on this… if you could go anywhere from here taking only the true self you have worked so hard to find, tell me, where would you go? If not bound by fear and judgment of yourself, what will hold you back now? Have an inspiring day. -Rae-



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